Satta King - Open Close Jodi Pass Karen 100% Gurantee December 2018 - Satta Matka No
Satta King

Satta King – Open Close Jodi Pass Karen 100% Gurantee December 2018

satta king satta matka
Satta Matka No

Full Guide How To Play & Win Satta King – Leak Number Desawar Dhankesari Gali UP Open Close Jodi


Everyone want to be rich easily , but some get rich some doesn’t . Satta king can help you to win lakhs of rupees easily . In this game you can win more thank 20 lakhs rupees by playing satta king . So many people are playing it daily and winning money . It is very famous in state like Uttar Pradesh(UP) and Bihar. In faridabad and some city like lucknow , large number of people are getting rich playing this lottery or satta .

satta king today results charts
Satta King December 2018

In this guide you will get all the details of satta king . You will learn how to play satta king to win money. You will get correct info about satta king results, satta king up, gali satta , desawar lottery, dhankeshari lottery and lottery sambad . Also you will get leaked number and satta king jodi number here.

If you are new to satta king , and haven’t played satta king yet , let me introduce it first .

From Wikipedia – Matka gambling or satta is a form of lottery which originally involved betting on the opening and closing rates of cotton transmitted from the New York Cotton Exchange. It originates from before the era of Indian independence when it was known as Ankada Jugar (“figures gambling”). In the 1960s, the system was replaced with other ways of generating random numbers, including pulling slips from a large earthenware pot known as a matka, or dealing playing cards.

What Is Satta King ? Is It Legal In India ?

Hope you got to know about satta king from above phrase from wikipedia . Satta king is a simole game or lottery where you invest little money to win lakhs of rupees. It is partially legal in India. Thousands of people are playing this satta.


Which Indian State Plays Satta King And Other Lottery ?

Satta is very famous in indian state like UP, Bihar,West Bengal,Sikkim,Kerala,Punjab and Nagaland. Satta game like black satta and matka king are very popular in Uttar Pradesh. Lottery Sambad are famous in West Bengal. Govt has set up lottery department in Kerala , Sikkim And Nagaland.

Also it is very popular in Odisha,Haryana and other states of India.


Leaked Number And Satta Jodi For Today – Satta King

These are very important to win satta easily . If you know about this leaked satta number of the day and satta jodi, gali satta jodi , you can win easily lakhs of rupees. On our blog we updates satta jodi every day. You will get all faridabad satta jodi , up satta jodi and other number jodi for free here.

satta king satta matka
Satta Matka No

You wil get following satta jodi and leak number –

  1. Faridabad Jodi
  3. Old Delhi Jodi
  5. Shri Ganesh Number
  7. Dhankeshari Jodi
  8. Black Satta Jodi
  9. Satta Matka King Jodi
  10. Old Punjab Satta Jodi

To get all the above leak number and satta jodi , click on below given link .

Satta Players Opinion And Remarks – Satta King

We have talk to several satta players about their strategy, how much they won and other things.  They give their suggestions,tips and tricks. Here you go.

I am playig satta from last 3 years . I have won more than 2 crore rupees from this game. I use certain strategy before playing. I get all of my satta jodi from here – Satta King Jodi Numbers . You can also follow this to win easily. – Ram Yadav ( UP)

We talked with Ganesh from Faridabad , who is playing satta from last 1 year and follow very simple strategy to win game daily.

Satta king is trustable , i can say this as i have won more than 40 lakhs rupees from it , But it needs risk and patience. I recommend you to follow satta king tips and tricks to win game without loosing money. – Ganesh Mishra (Faridabad)

Mr. Ahmed Iqbal from Bihar has earned more than 10 lakhs from it . Initially he lost his had earned money but he recover it .

I lost more than 1 lakhs rupees initially . But i recover my loss and played black satta and faridabad satta to get money . In no time i ger profit of more than 20 lakhs . you will loose first to ean money and tricks. Keep patience and work smart .  – Ahmed Iqbal (Bihar)

satta matka satta king fix numbers
Satta Matka No

Other Lottery And Satta Results ( Lottery Sambad Sikkim Kerala Lottery)

In some state , government is regulating lottery . Kerala govt has set up seaprate ministry for this. This department conduct lottery all over the state. Nagalnd and sikkim also allow lottery in their state.

Lets Check results of Lottery Sambad And State Lottery Results

Kerala Lottery Results – Download today’s results.

Nagaland Lottery Results – Download today’s results.

Sikkim  Lottery Results – Download today’s results.

West Bengal  Lottery Results – Download today’s results.

Punjab  Lottery Results – Download today’s results.

Lottery Sambad Old Results Of 11 : 55 PM  4 PM  8 PM

Kerala Lottery Results – Download old results.

Nagaland Lottery Results – Download old results.

Sikkim  Lottery Results – Download old results.

West Bengal  Lottery Results – Download old results.

Punjab  Lottery Results – Download old results.

Stay tuned for more info .

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